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Dan McGrath Productions offers many possibilities for your next event.

Dan McGrath has twenty-eight years experience in radio, local and network television. With this kind of experience, you can be sure that Dan will know what is right for your event. If you need an MC, we can do that, if you need a host, we can do that, and if you need music for any event, we can do that.

Here is what we offer:

  1. First, we will meet with you, preferably at the location of your event. There is no charge for this service. Unlike many mobile disc jockey services that just have you fax them a list, we feel it is important to get to know you, and know what you are looking for your special day. We go over everything; room setup, music list, hours of the event, special events for that evening, and make sure there are no details that are missed. This free consultation is ongoing, if we agree to do your event. Once we have agreed on doing your event, feel free to call at any time or fax at any time up to your special day.

  2. We will be dressed appropriately for your event. That might be a tuxedo or shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. You don’t have to worry about your DJ/MC being attired in gold chains and polyester.

  3. No charge for setup or tear down; we arrive one hour before your event to setup, sound check, and test all equipment before guests arrive. After the event, there is no charge to pack up our equipment.

  4. Music selection; we offer hits from all eras of music from the forties to today. We carry the hits, nothing obscure, unless you want it. We remember that this is your party, and we want you to have fun. When we obtain your music list, we will review it to make sure we have all your selections. If we do not have an obscure track, we will let you know. We do not play heavy metal, heavy rap, or tracks that contain extreme profanity.

  5. Remember, we customize each party for you. We are happy to offer a format at our initial meeting, but we will be happy to make the night special to you. We are happy to make announcements and introductions.

  6. We will be happy to work with your needs to make sure that our price is reasonable, fair and fitting with both parties.

  7. Our motto is simple: “It is never too last minute to call”.

Please give us a call so we can start the planning on your next event. Our phone and fax number in Palm Desert, California is
(760) 346-7702.