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I guess I knew as a young kid, growing up in Wheeling, WV just south of Pittsburgh, PA that I would end up in the radio biz, due to the fact that my dad worked for RCA Records. His career benefited me in many ways, but mostly because I grew up learning first hand about the actual music business. Our house was literally '"a house of wax", as the saying goes. Since then, I have always had an interest in all aspects of music. I even started playing the trumpet in the fifth grade thru college, to better understand the concept behind music, which in the end made me appreciate what the actual artists do. For this reason, my drive to excel in music has only heightened since then. Because of my early musical background, I have been blessed in many ways

While growing up, I listened to and admired my two favorite people in broadcasting, Dick Clark and Johnny Carson. They became my inspiration which led me to my desire of having a career in radio. After school, I began in the radio business in 1976, and spent the next eight years working for several radio stations in my hometown. Not only was it great growing up in Wheeling, it was even better that I got to do the thing I have always loved the most, which was being on the air and connecting with the listener.

In 1984, I relocated to Nashville and spent the next thirteen years in radio and television.

Then one of my dreams came true, in 1996 I was blessed to work for Mr. Clark's company, Dick Clark Productions. This was not radio but televison, (you never know what might come your way, so be ready!). Unfortunately, since Johnny Carson retired, I couldn’t pursue both of my dreams, but you never know!

I moved to Southern California in 1998 and am currently a morning DJ for EZ103. Throughout the years, I have DJ’ed several great and recognized events (too many to list, but I have a resume and references upon request). I have grown to love being a part of personal events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc…I have done tons of voiceover work and hosting TV, and finally have been involved in many charities. I love what I do and look forward to going to work everyday which is more than a lot of people can say about their careers. I have many great experiences under my belt, and look forward to many more. My life has been richly blessed, and I am thankful for that. Remember to always stay positive and your dream can come true.